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Granny Smith Apples: Great Benefits for the Body

Granny Smith Apples: Great Benefits for the Body

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Granny apples gained popularity immediately after the appearance of the variety. This is not surprising, because they are considered one of the most useful in the world, since their pulp contains a huge amount of useful vitamins and minerals.

Grade description

Apples "Smith" - the result of crossing wild and domestic apple trees. Their homeland is Australia. The shape of the fruit is round, the weight of the apple is about 300 g, the color is light green. The taste is slightly sour, as there is little sugar in the pulp.

The side of the Smith apple that was in the sun may have a reddish or yellowish hue. The crown of the apple tree is dense, regular fruiting.

The nutritional value of apples

Let us consider using a table what nutritional value the fruits have.

NutrientAmount (calculated per 100 g)
Calorie content (kcal)47
Protein (g)0,42
Water (g)86
Fats (g)0,41
Dietary fiber (g)1,69
Carbohydrates (g)9,74

The benefits of the Granny Smith variety

Granny apples are considered very healthy, like all green fruits. In hot weather, they perfectly satisfy hunger and thirst, one apple contains 5 g of fiber, which corresponds to 20% of the daily human norm.

Almost 90% of the fruits are composed of water, practically do not contain fat. However, they are rich in various vitamins, including B6 and P.

Another of the beneficial properties of Smith apples is worth noting that they:

  • purify the blood;
  • reduce the risk of bronchial asthma;
  • contain a large number of useful substances that allow the body to actively absorb iron;
  • beneficial effect on digestion;
  • lower blood cholesterol;
  • include pectin binding toxins;
  • relieve stress;
  • have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system;
  • strengthens the skin, hair and nails;
  • improve the condition of the gums and teeth.

Who needs to eat the variety in food:

  • those who are on a diet;
  • suffering from skin diseases;
  • Anemic and young children
  • patients with atherosclerosis and gout.

According to scientists, the variety has a very useful peel, in which the bulk of the healing substances are concentrated. Therefore, you should not cut it!

The harm of apples

Smith apples, like all products, can be harmful. But this concerns, for the most part, mono-diet, in which the fruit becomes the main component.

If a large amount of fiber will enter the body, digestive problems will begin. Therefore, people suffering from ulcers, colitis and gastritis should use apples with caution.

Excessive use of Smith apples can cause thinning of tooth enamel. And the seeds contain a high content of hydrocyanic acid, which is essentially poison.

Apple tree "Smith" requires the right place and time for planting. Only in this way will it bear fruit regularly.

It is recommended to plant the variety in autumn and spring, when there are no frosts. Pits for planting are prepared in a month. During this time, the soil will shrink. The depth of the pits should reach 60 cm, diameter - 1 m.

The soil under the Smith apple tree is mixed with organic matter. After planting, the seedling is sprinkled with soil and watered so that the roots are firmly in contact with the ground. Then the tree should be tied to a peg driven in a row.

The variety requires mandatory warming before the onset of winter. The soil near the tree is covered with manure.

The variety requires annual pruning. It should be carried out, starting from the second year of life, in the spring, until the buds appear.

In summer, abundant watering should be carried out - 4 liters under a tree. After watering, mulching and fertilizer are mandatory. When a variety bears fruit, watering is reduced so that they do not crack.

Granny Smith Apples: Useful Properties

How to pick apples

Smith apples should be harvested with extreme caution. If there is at least one mechanical damage on the skin, the fetus will begin to rot. The correct picking option is to smoothly scroll the apple around its axis. If storage of the fetus is expected, the peduncle should be left. After the apple is removed, it neatly fits into the basket.

The presented fruit variety is covered with a wax coating for a reason. It protects the pulp from mold and rot, so it should not be washed.

Sort apples "Smith" in order to carry out the selection for storage, you should leave only whole and clean fruits. Harvesting should not be carried out, as it can damage the delicate skin.

You can learn how to grow Canadian Spartan apple trees here.

How to store

The apple variety presented is deposited immediately after harvest. Where to store the fruits? Suitable places such as:

  • basements;
  • cellars;
  • dry rooms.

The best option for Smith apples is a dry, clean room with no odors. Keeping storage near potatoes, fresh vegetables and pickles is not recommended. The optimum temperature is from 0 ° C to + 2 ° C.

In large rooms, the variety is laid out on shelves or racks. At the same time, apples are placed in only one layer. Lining under them is not required, and between the fruits you can put cardboard.

If the room is small, fruits should be stored in shallow wooden crates, which are placed one on top of the other. In each box, apples are laid out in one layer. An additional bulkhead in this case is not required, which increases the shelf life.

Granny apples are one of the most healthy fruits. Their pulp and skin contain a huge amount of useful substances that improve digestion, blood composition, and respiratory system. However, apples should be consumed in mono-diets with caution so as not to damage the digestive tract.

Homemade Cider: Recipe

Planting of seedlings is carried out in the spring or in the autumn period. Before starting work, it is important to properly prepare the pits. Leaving consists in timely carrying out pruning and watering. Collect fruits carefully so as not to damage the delicate skin. They store apples in crates, placing them in one layer. The storage room is chosen dry and clean with an inside temperature of about +2 ° C.

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