How to grow tulips in a greenhouse by March 8: conditions for forcing

How to grow tulips in a greenhouse by March 8: conditions for forcing

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Growing tulips in a greenhouse is a very responsible occupation. These flowers are very good to drive out in the winter, because they do not need a lot of sunlight. In order for tulips to grow precisely by March 8, a number of rules and recommendations must be observed. If everything is done correctly, then for the holiday it will be possible to please women with beautiful cut flowers.

The whole process of distillation can be divided into several stages:

  • onion preparation,
  • Bulb storage
  • planting bulbs,
  • cooling and rooting,
  • care for emerging sprouts.

Varieties of tulips for distillation in the greenhouse

There are a large number of varieties of tulips that are used for distillation. All of them can be divided into three groups:

  • grades suitable for early distillation Abba, "Zorro", Primavera and some others;
  • for medium distillation, it is better to choose varieties such as Barcelona, ​​Abu Hassan, Triumph, Seville, Carola
  • grades are preferred for late distillation "Diplomat", "Atom".

Bulb preparation

In the soil used for planting the bulbs, the necessary amount of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium should be present. These substances contribute to the formation of flowers during the winter. Bulbs themselves must be healthy and strong. Currently prepared tulip bulbs can be purchased at the store. But many prefer to do it on their own.

Good bulbs can be obtained from tulips growing in open ground. For this, flowers from plants are removed already 2-3 days after their appearance. Do not remove the bud before it blooms, as this will impair leaf growth. In the last days of June or early July, bulbs are dug up. Of all the bulbs, it is important to select only those that have a round shape and large size. The remaining bulbs are not suitable, as their forcing will not give good colors. You can plant tulips provided that healthy bulbs have been selected.

Onions are divided into parses, depending on the size. The first analysis is represented by bulbs with a diameter of 3.5 cm. The analysis called “Extra”, in which the bulbs are 4 cm in diameter, is excellent for growing tulips in rooms where artificial lighting is used.

Bulbs are recommended to be cleaned from hard cover with scales. This will make it possible to identify diseases, and also during the process of distillation, more moisture and nutrients will come into the bulb.

Forcing tulips

Bulb Storage

It is very important to preserve the bulbs correctly, otherwise the forcing of tulips will not be productive. This is a whole technology, and if it is followed, then as a result, forcing will produce very beautiful tulips. It is necessary to observe the temperature regime, since it is during this period that organs are formed and beneficial substances are accumulated. Initially, the beginnings of foliage are formed, then the flower. The last is the pestle. The pestle determines the time when it is necessary to begin to cool planting material, because without this process, tulips simply will not bloom.

After the bulbs are selected, they are stored in a room where you can adjust the temperature and humidity. It is recommended to store them in drawers with a mesh bottom, which creates good ventilation of the bulbs.

For the formation of flower buds, bulbs are stored at a temperature of 18-20about C, and air humidity should be in the range of 70-75%. If the room temperature is too low or high, then the buds will form for a very long time, while the flower will be inferior.

Planting bulbs

Bulb planting is carried out in the autumn. The material is pre-disinfected. To do this, it is soaked for 30 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate. Also for these purposes, you can prepare a decoction of celandine or use hot water (about 40aboutFROM).

Bulb planting time is selected depending on when you need to get the flowers. If tulips are needed for the New Year holidays, then planting should be carried out in September. Accordingly, the bulbs should be planted in November to receive flowers by March 8th.

Bulbs are planted in pots, boxes or other convenient containers. It is necessary to use a sterile substrate, which is characterized by good moisture capacity and air permeability. Do not use a substrate from previous plants.

Before planting, the bulb is carefully cleaned of scales. A layer of earth should be at least 10 cm. The material is planted to a depth of 3 cm, at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other. After this, the bulbs must be sprinkled with earth to the top and watered abundantly. It is important to constantly monitor that the substrate does not dry out.

Cooling and rooting

After planting, the bulbs are cleaned in a dark place for cooling and rooting. Thanks to cooling, the tulip shoot will grow. A special substance gibberellin accumulates in the plant, which is responsible for the growth of the stem. The cooling period is set depending on which tulip variety was selected, as well as on the size of the bulb. As a rule, this period is 16-22 weeks. During this period, the bulb will take root, a sprout of about 6 cm in size with a bud will appear from it. The best temperature for cooling is 7-9aboutC, also the humidity of air and soil should always be high.

To get tulips directly by March 8, you need to pick a date for the start of the cooling period. To do this, take into account the time during which the tulips are in the greenhouse, and the required cooling period.

It is recommended to use diffused green lighting and spill the substrate 2 times over the entire period with a solution to strengthen the stems. For this purpose, you can use calcium nitrate (0.2% solution).

Care for emerging sprouts

Tanks with sprouted bulbs are moved to the greenhouse 21 days before the desired flowering day. For 3 days in a greenhouse, set the temperature to 14aboutC, these days the sprouts will turn green. After that, the temperature is increased to 18aboutC. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly maintain high soil moisture, weed it and fertilize plants. For watering, warm water should be used.

After reading the corresponding article on our website, you can find out if tulips can be planted in October.

Cut flowers

The technology of cutting flowers is simple. Tulips are cut off when their buds are in a closed and semi-colored state. They are placed tightly, and for storage I use cold water, the temperature of which should vary between 1-4aboutC. Under such conditions, the flowers remain fresh for a week. If the flowers are stored without water, then they should be placed in the refrigerator, previously packed in cardboard or plastic boxes.

After the flowers are cut, you need to reduce watering by half. Watering continues until the plants wither completely. During this time, the bulbs grow very quickly. When the leaves turn yellow, you should dig out the bulbs, dry them and place in storage. Such bulbs are good to grow in open ground, but they are already unsuitable for forcing in a greenhouse.

Growing tulips by March 8

Forcing tulips requires some effort. But, subject to all the rules, this work will bring great pleasure in the form of a large number of beautiful tulips. These flowers will undoubtedly please every woman not only on the 8th of March, but also on any other day.

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