Why you can not plant tomatoes next to cucumbers

Why you can not plant tomatoes next to cucumbers

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Why not plant tomatoes next to cucumbers? What can be planted next to cucumbers?

Tomatoes and cucumbers are some of the most common crops that are planted nearby in a greenhouse and greenhouse. But they cannot be planted together. Cucumbers, being next to a tomato, languish, turn pale, begin to rot. Cucumbers like high temperature humidity, frequent, but not plentiful watering. Cucumbers require a higher temperature for breeding than a tomato.

Why cucumbers and tomatoes are better to separate

  • Cucumbers cannot be planted next to tomatoes because high air humidity causes the tomatoes to become covered with fungus and bacterial diseases, their flowers are not pollinated, tomato yield decreases, and the taste of the fruit becomes bitter. Therefore, in a greenhouse with tomatoes, you can leave an open window at night, which contributes to good ventilation, saturating the leaves of the plant with oxygen.

  • Cucumber crops suffer from a lack of moisture in the air and soil. Large leaves of cucumbers evaporate a lot of moisture, and if the humidity of the atmosphere is low, then the roots cannot cope with the absorption of moisture from the soil, and the leaves wither. You can grow cucumbers in greenhouses. By actively evaporating moisture, plants create an ideal microclimate with high humidity indoors.
  • Tomatoes grow better in open ground, in a greenhouse next to cucumbers they find themselves in an excessively wet microclimate, which was formed due to the release of excess moisture by the leaves of cucumbers, which makes the tomatoes covered with a bacterial crust and infections. If under such conditions a window is opened in a greenhouse, then cucumbers begin to suffer from a draft.

The listed growing conditions make tomatoes and cucumbers incompatible in order to plant them on adjacent beds.

In the same greenhouse, it is undesirable to plant cucumbers and tomatoes together due to different farming techniques. If space is limited and you have to plant nearby conflicting cultures, it is better to enclose their beds with film and grow them on different sides.

Another way to separate cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse is to dig in sheets of old ruberoid or iron, which share the soil soil for both crops, which allows you to control the moisture level and the nature of the fertilizer for each of them.

Another crop that is not recommended to be grown next to cucumbers is potatoes. In addition to potatoes, it is better not to plant radishes and radishes next to cucumbers.

You can not plant cucumbers next to corn. By itself, this culture does not compete with cucumbers for light and soil, but when grown, cucumbers weave on corn, causing damage to the plant.

If in the open ground the differences are slightly smoothed out and various crops can be grown on adjacent beds, then in cramped greenhouses the plants begin to compete for square meters of soil, watering and sunlight. Therefore, it is not recommended to grow ardent antagonists in greenhouses.

Best neighbors for cucumbers

Cucumbers can be planted next to the following crops:

  • beans;
  • Beans
  • peas;
  • bell pepper;
  • eggplant;
  • cabbage;
  • kohlrabi;
  • broccoli;
  • beetroot;
  • a salad;
  • basil;
  • dill;
  • fennel;
  • onions;
  • spinach
  • garlic
  • calendula.

Peppers, like cucumbers, prefer warm, stuffy air and do not like drafts. The best way to combine eggplant, peppers and cucumbers in the garden is by planting pepper seedlings and eggplant seeds on the sunny side, and place the cucumber seeds a little further. The proximity of cucumbers with dill is good for their productivity. Cucumbers are best grown next to cauliflower and early cabbage.

Methods for the separation of cucumbers and tomatoes

For the separation of cucumber and tomato bushes, it is important to fulfill the following conditions:

  • hang a film between cultures to create an optimal microclimate;
  • divide the soil with an iron sheet;
  • make separate entrances for the tomato and cucumber compartment;
  • leave a large number of vents in the compartment with tomatoes.

Cucumbers and tomatoes in one greenhouse

If it is not possible to plant crops in the open field, but it is possible to plant vegetables in a greenhouse, then you can take the greenhouse under cucumbers and peppers, and plant tomatoes and eggplant in a greenhouse. Thus, if it is not possible to plant cucumbers and tomatoes in different greenhouses, then, making efforts to divide the cultures, you can limit yourself to a single space.

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