Why planted grape cuttings do not germinate

We received a question from Anastasia: "Why do not planted grape cuttings sprout?"

It is believed that the rooting of grapes occurs in the first month. It would seem that there is nothing complicated, but sometimes the roots do not sprout. This is due to errors that were made during the preparation.

Germination time

Different varieties and forms have different periods of germination. Some species take 10 days, others require all 18. It is important to monitor the moisture content of the roots - 95%. The temperature in the earth should be +26 degrees. And in the place of the upper kidney, the temperature should reach +20 degrees. There must be a temperature difference, otherwise the kidneys simply will not grow, and the development of the roots will be delayed for a couple of weeks.

The best option is sprouting with the help of a scavenger. However, you can get by with a simplified version. At the same time, about 10 pieces of cuttings are taken and placed in a room in which the temperature reaches +18 degrees. The bottom is equipped with heating. At the bottom of the shredder are humidified sawdust. They must first be steamed. You will also have to put sphagnum moss or coco soil.

Moisture retention

It is necessary to maintain a sufficient level of moisture in the cuttings throughout the entire rooting process. First check the vine for suitability. Soak it for 2 days in water. If after a lapse of the time has passed, when you click on the bark, moisture is released, the vine will suit you. If moisture does not stand out, you will have to hold the stem in water for 1 more day. Next, the upper section is paraffinized using a conventional candle, the kidney should not be affected. If the apartment is dry, it is necessary to cover the handle with a cap from a plastic bottle.

Growth stimulants

In order for the grape cuttings to sprout, auxin is used. Using the presented solution allows to stimulate the development of roots. At the same time, the appearance of the kidneys slows down for a couple of weeks.

The solution is prepared strictly according to the instructions. You can use rootin, but it must be from a well-known manufacturer. The use of low-quality stimulants is fraught with the fact that cuttings will blacken at the cut. If the stalk is still blackened, you can try to reanimate it. Cut to the next internode. Then put the vine in the water and try to root.

Rooting grapevines is a rather complicated process. If the stalk does not germinate, then you have made mistakes. But they can be fixed.

How to root grape cuttings

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