How to make a tandoor oven with your own hands

How to make a tandoor oven with your own hands

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Tandoor is a special furnace made from environmentally friendly materials using the experience of the Ancient East. Tandoor is made at a firing temperature of more than a thousand degrees.

Oven Features

The main features of the tandoor:

  • universality - you can cook a wide variety of dishes on it;
  • skewers are arranged vertically, which means that they do not need to be turned over constantly;
  • the temperature in the device is evenly distributed;
  • the ability to change the temperature.

How does it work

A key feature that the tandoor possesses is its way of cooking. Bookmarking occurs after the fuel burns out. Cooking is using infrared radiation and heat transfer.

Since food is in a confined space, it turns out as juicy and tender, does not lose its beneficial properties. Since cooking is carried out using secondary heat transfer, dishes are not overdried.

How to rekindle

  • Place the tandoor on a stable, heat-resistant base.
  • Remove the cover and fill the device with 2/3 firewood.
  • Open the blower and light a fire; you do not need to close the top cover.
  • When the soot from the internal walls disappears, then the temperature has risen to the one that is needed.
  • Firewood should burn out. Remove unnecessary coals with a scoop.
  • Close the blower.

Security measures

Since the tandoor can be heated to a temperature of 400 degrees, and the flame can rise by 1 meter, it is worthwhile to observe caution:

  1. Do not leave the oven unattended. See that children do not touch it.
  2. Do not touch a hot surface.
  3. Observe fire precautions.
  4. Do not use the tandoor at home.
  5. Do not allow water to get on the hot stove.

How to cook

When cooking kebabs, set the guides. Then skewers are mounted vertically on them.

When cooking dishes from game, fish, meat, special grilles are placed in a brick tandoor. Cooking time depends on the type of food:

  • vegetables - up to 7 minutes;
  • meat - 15 minutes;
  • fish - 10 minutes.

It is recommended to use firewood from fruit trees. They give the dishes a special flavor. Do not take raw and tarry firewood!

With maximum heating, the brick tandoor may become cracked. There is nothing to worry about; cracks do not affect the operation of the device.

There is no need to rush during the first ignition. Act gradually, then the oven will serve you for a long time.

How to make a tandoor oven

The traditional form inherent in the eastern furnace is the circle. The tandoor is located either underground or above ground. Often the stove is made of brick. In the East, the device is located directly in the house - it warms the room.

Brick oven installation

If you have a desire, do-it-yourself tandoor can be done with wheels. Then you can transport it and install it anywhere in the garden.

If you prefer a stationary option, put it on a sandy or rocky pillow. In this case, the device is located away from buildings and plants. For construction, refractory bricks, stone blocks, clay ceramic bricks are suitable.

First of all, the foundation is established. Since the furnace has an impressive weight, the base must be strong. In appearance, it resembles a foundation with an opening in which fuel is laid.

You can build a foundation in the ground. In this case, it is necessary to dig a hole 130 cm deep. Sand - 20 cm - is poured into the bottom of it and a brickwork is mounted. The area around the furnace is also covered with sand. A grill is installed at the bottom under the coals. As a solution, a special mixture can be used - quartz sand, plasticizer and red clay. You can choose any masonry - vertical or horizontal. With horizontal masonry, the furnace retains heat much longer, with vertical masonry, the consumption of bricks will be less.

Regardless of the selected masonry, there should be a tap in the tandoor below for the exit of flue gases. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is recommended to lay the masonry first without mortar. If necessary, a grinder will help cut the brick.

Making round tandoor with your own hands is quite difficult. But if you know how to handle a grinder, everything will surely work out.

The shape in the upper part of the furnace should be tapering, rounded. Do not spare the solution! Whether the walls turn out exactly can be determined using the level.

Narrowing the top of the oven is necessary so that the heat is retained inside. Excess solution at the end of work must be removed. From the outside, the stove is coated with clay. Inside the device is also coated with clay, but with the use of grass.

After the do-it-yourself tandoor is ready, it should be melted. First, paper is used, then slowly the temperature inside the device is raised. In the east, the outside of the item is decorated with mosaics or ceramics.

Barrel Tandoor

You can try to make an oven from a plastic barrel. The production process is quite simple. The barrel is filled with water, and then its outer surface is coated with chamotte. It is tamped and smoothed until a contour appears. Then the structure is dried. Water is drained. After that, the barrel will become smaller. It can be removed from the resulting furnace.

Tandoor is a special furnace made using oriental technology. The device allows you to cook a huge number of dishes, while they turn out juicy and tender. Cooking time is minimal. The most reliable and durable structures are made of bricks. Even a novice in this business will succeed in making tandoor, the main thing is to follow the technology presented.

DIY tandoor

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