How to make a greenhouse as comfortable as possible?

How to make a greenhouse as comfortable as possible?

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A greenhouse is a room coated with translucent material. Greenhouses for growing vegetables, flowers and berries. It’s easy to create with your own hands.

Mostly in greenhouses they use seedlings for sowing, protects from adverse conditions, heat-loving plants.

Capital greenhouses and hotbeds

If we talk about greenhouses, they are used during spring frosts and are removed when the weather recovers. Simple greenhouses are built very easily, for this you need metal or plastic arcs and an ordinary transparent film.

Place for a greenhouse:

  • Flat and clean from stumps and bushes the surface of the earth;
  • We choose a sunny place, because plants need light;
  • There should be a passage around the greenhouse. To engage in plants and watering;
  • Direction of the greenhouse from east to west. Because the plants that are in need of maximum lighting;

Good time to build a greenhouse, mid-spring. The size of the greenhouse depends on the plot of land. Greenhouses come in a variety of forms. The most optimal greenhouse that looks and opens like a bread box. Surprising with its simple construction.

Capital greenhouse is used both for the whole year and for the warm season. Used for winter growing vegetables.

In the capital greenhouse it is necessary to build lighting, heating and ventilation.

For convenience, the greenhouse should have a spacious passage - this is important. Since there are distant beds in the greenhouse that you need to reach. It is better to lay the path with brick or rubble, as there will be dirt. There should be a water tank in the greenhouse and water supply should be present.

Accordingly, a watering can for watering. In the capital greenhouse you need to build shelves. This is necessary for various items for working with plants. Need a thermometer and moisture meter to control.

Glass and polycarbonate greenhouses

Polycarbonate is transparent sheets that are very comfortable and durable for gardeners. They cope well with snowfalls and strong winds. They have double walls with an air gap. Greenhouses are mainly made of transparent materials and polycarbonate is just right.

The only negative, polycarbonate does not hold the temperature and have to carry out heating.

The walls are made of foam concrete, as it is considered a heater. For a good and high-quality greenhouse all year round, you need to create a foundation. The foundation is needed for boxes that are needed for planting plants. Boxes are needed in order not to once again heat the earth.

To build a greenhouse and foundation you need:

  • Polycarbonate sheet;
  • Metal pipes for the frame;
  • Concrete for the foundation and blocks;
  • Parts for fastening;
  • Insulation;
  • Tools.

The foundation can not be done as for the construction of a house. Since the foundation will hold a lightweight design. Dig a hole 1.5 m deep. Next, lay out the blocks with a cement mixture. The height of the blocks is at least 10 cm.

To build the floor of the greenhouse, you need to make a foundation: sand 20 cm, crushed stone 25 cm. Pour the foundation with concrete or lay tiles at the discretion.

Installation of the frame. Steel guides are used, and the roof is built with an arch. Such a roof is resistant to heavy snowfalls. Before installing the frame, the size of the polycarbonate sheet is calculated, and cut it in half, then installed on the finished frame. It is necessary to distinguish between the front and the wrong side of the sheet.

Steel pipes are joined by welding. After collecting the structure, process with mounting foam and insulate the joints. The walls can be insulated with foil, as the foil holds the temperature and heat loss.


So, to summarize. Before choosing these greenhouses and their buildings, you need to decide. Which greenhouse is suitable for season or year round. A greenhouse is suitable for the warm season. For growing a large number of plants all year round, the capital greenhouse and the polycarbonate greenhouse. Have a good harvest.

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