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Aquaclumbia for an artificial reservoir

Aquaclumbia for an artificial reservoir

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The flowerbed on the water, despite the fact that in recent years it has been a real trend, in fact - a long-forgotten old. The Aztecs used to grow flowers and food crops on such islands.

Manufacturing Features

The flowerbed may be:

  • Mobile
  • Stationary

A movable flowerbed is often made from plastic bowls or bottles. In order for it not to swim to the shore, you can simply fix it.

If the area of ​​the reservoir allows, you can build a stationary flowerbed. A large flat boulder is used for this. The edges of the floating decor can be decorated with tiles, colored glass, border tape.

Principles of arrangement and selection of plants

The aquaclumba is good in that it can fit absolutely any type of reservoir, most importantly - comply with the rules of design.

  • A relaxed aquatic decoration is suitable for the landscape style. In this case, herbs or cereals can be used as plants.
  • For gardens in a country strainer or a regular style, the aqua-flower bed should be of the correct geometric shape, and the flowers should be of the same type.

You can learn about the features of a country-style garden.

The assortment of plants for such a variety of design as a floating flower bed is very large. From plants you can use:

  • sedge
  • host
  • buttercup
  • lingonberry
  • wingbell
  • forget-me-nots
  • Highlander
  • horsetail
  • sundew
  • kaluzhnitsa and many other species

Making flower beds from filter material

From the materials you will need:

  • stationery knife
  • cardboard
  • peat and soil
  • polyurethane foam
  • needle
  • scissors
  • plants
  • fishing line
  • filter (non-woven) filter

Work stages

  1. A piece of cardboard is taken and the template of the future flower bed is cut out.
  2. From the filter according to the template, it will be necessary to cut several blanks, so you get the required height of the flower garden.
  3. Then you will need to stitch the filters with a fishing line. Important! Do not stitch along the edge, suddenly you decide to cut or trim the workpiece.
  4. Using a clerical knife, trim the shape of the flowerbed. Using it, make a recess so that the sides appear.
  5. Fill the flower garden with mounting foam. Make punctures in the flowerbed so that it regains buoyancy.
  6. Wait for the curing foam to harden.
  7. Try the flower garden, is it drowning?
  8. Rub peat and soil mixture into the recess. So you fill the pores of the material.
  9. You can plant a plant. If the roots are too long, you will have to make recesses in the foam or filter.

Floating flower beds

Styrofoam flowerbed

For this method you will need:

  • Styrofoam
  • priming
  • coconut mat
  • needle
  • a thread

Manufacturing steps

  1. We take polystyrene foam and wrap it with a vegetable mat.
  2. It is necessary to fix the mat in several places with a strong thread.
  3. Soil is rubbed into coconut fiber. Now you can plant the plant.
  4. The flower garden can be lowered into the pond.

Stove filter bed

Used materials and tools:

  • scissors
  • reusable oven filters - 2 pieces
  • green spray paint
  • wire
  • polyurethane foam
  • staples

Work sequence

  1. Take 1 filter and make slots in it - the plants will be located in them.
  2. Put one filter on the other. Fasten with staples.
  3. Now you have to run the foam between the layers so that the flowerbed becomes floating. Serve the foam in small portions, otherwise you risk breaking the filter.
  4. Paint the finished product. Attach a wire that will fix the flowerbed.
  5. Plant the plants in the wells. Lower the flower bed into the water.
  6. Attach the aquaclomb to the stones with wire.

How to get a decorative pond

The benefits of a waterbed

The floating island is not only very beautiful, but also performs some more functions. If there are inhabitants in the pond, they will certainly enjoy the aquaculture. Birds, fish, frogs, water turtles will appreciate your efforts.

You do not have to constantly monitor the flower garden. The thing is that he has nowhere to grow. Land pests such as ants or moles will not be able to “annoy” you.

Tips and practical notes

  • Coconut fiber is successfully replaced by moss.
  • Fixing floating decor is better in the middle of the pond, and not in a place that is close to the shore.
  • If there are fish in the pond, soil is not necessary. The thing is that there are enough nutrients in the pond.
  • In order for the water garden to turn out convex, you will have to use several layers of foam. A clerical knife will help shape such a flower garden.

In each garden, a floating flower bed will be appropriate and effective. The assortment of plants that you can plant in it is wide, and even a beginner can make a flower garden with his own hands.

Floating flower beds (20 photos)

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