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Again about Japanese gardens. I recommend.

Again about Japanese gardens. I recommend.

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I can not do anything. I love Japanese landscape design. I hasten to advise all forum readers:
On December 5-12, the Peter the Great Botanical Garden in St. Petersburg invites you to take the first stage of the educational program “Landscape of Traditional Japanese Gardens”. The program is designed for landscape architects, designers, gardeners, lovers of Japanese aesthetics. Oh, sorry to work. I can not visit. Who will go?


A very important point in creating a Japanese-style garden is the proper arrangement of stones and plants. We must connect them so that no one doubts that this stone lies here all his stone life, but the plants periodically change, as they symbolize the natural inconstancy, the variability of life. Interestingly, caring for a Japanese garden is not particularly different from caring for a regular garden, but it has its own characteristics. Basically, this is the maintenance in the order of decorative fillings of marble chips: leveling it with a fan rake, cleaning the leaves. Plants, in addition to regular watering and top dressing, need a shaping haircut several times a season.

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