Do-it-yourself wooden horse in the garden

Do-it-yourself wooden horse in the garden

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Decorating a garden and other summer cottage territory is a very correct idea that arises among many of us. But not every option is suitable for this matter. Today we decided to tell you a very nice piece that will help to decorate the garden, and this is a decorative wooden horse.

Agree, this is very symbolic, because 2014 is just the year of the horse, and therefore it will be very correct to decorate the landscape of the summer cottage with horse figures. Undoubtedly, it is more correct to do this in the spring, but even in the colder period you can make a cute figurine of a noble animal and install it on any site.

So, today we have several interesting options, and we offer each of them for a detailed consideration.

Do-it-yourself wooden horse in the garden

For the manufacture of garden decoration, you will need wooden materials, namely boards, logs, saw cuts, bars, as well as binders - screws, nails, glue and ropes.

We decided to make a small horse, so as not to particularly spend money on production, and therefore we choose the simplest materials that can even be in the country, and we begin.

The body of a wooden horse

For the trunk we need 2 saws, 3-4 cm thick and 20-25 cm in diameter. For these saws, we stuff boards with dimensions 15 cm wide and 50-60 cm long (arbitrary thickness is 2-3 cm), thereby forming a rounded box. This will be the body of the horse.

Master the legs of the horse

In order to get a stable figure, we need to choose strong materials, which can serve as boards, say, 2x3 cm and a length of 50-60 cm.We install them on nails or self-tapping screws to the body, namely, fasten on saws in front and behind.

So that the legs do not stagger and have greater stability, we recommend that each of them be fixed on 2 or more self-tapping screws or nails.

Create a horse’s neck, head and tail

The remaining details are very important, since it is with their help that we complete the decorative figurine for the garden.

So, the tail is the easiest to make, and for this it will be enough to cut its semblance from plywood, and fix it on the rear saw with the help of a bar and self-tapping screws.

The neck can be a bar or a board with a length of 35-40 cm, on which we will set the head.

We cut the horse's head in shape from plywood or a thin board, set the eyes, ears and mane, and fix the head to the neck from the board.

Painting wooden figures

Upon completion of an interesting and uncomplicated project, it is necessary to pour it into the garden design as much as possible, as well as protect it from atmospheric influences. Therefore, without hesitation, we simply paint the figure in the color we like, using paint, stain and varnish or just colored wood varnish.

You can install such a horse in any place where its presence will seem funny and interesting to you. In addition, in the horse’s body, which is a box hollow inside, we recommend pouring compost or a fertile mixture and planting bright plants that complement the colors of the garden.

Enumerating materials for creating a decorative figure, we also mentioned glue and ropes. Glue is necessary for fastening thin parts with more massive ones, for example, plywood and wood, and the rope can serve as an additional fastening by binding, or as a nice decor.

Wooden horse made of old branches and roots

There is another interesting way to build a horse figurine, but it will not require you to spend quality material, although it will oblige you to use all your skill and imagination. In this case, we will talk about a figure made of roots and branches.

At the cottage there are always many branches that we simply burn or lay in compost, but they can also serve as decorative ornaments, for example, to create the same figure.

To create a nice torso, head and legs of a horse, we recommend starting with a frame on which these details will be installed. Apply for this should be larger branches that have to be dug in the ground for reliability. Consider all the options in advance, maybe it is the basics of the frame that will serve as the legs of the horse in the future.

Having installed the frame, you can begin to tie it with branches, approximately in the same way as tyn is woven - an ordinary wicker fence. Slowly and consistently, create a torso, move to the neck, pre-installing the frame, as well as to the head. By the way, the head can be made separately, and then simply installed on the finished figure, it will be a little easier.

Of course, such an idea is only possible for people with patience and love to work with their hands, but you can always start with small figures, and then move on to more serious ones, such as our horse.

The simplest plywood horse

Some of us like tinkering - cutting, knocking, gluing, and so on, but many also like more creative work, for example, drawing. So, if you have at least the minimum skills of the artist, the next way to create a decor for the garden will be the most interesting for you.

You need to get a small sheet of dense plywood and just draw a horse on its plane (you can also use any other animal or fairy creature, but today we are talking about horses). After finishing the drawing, check if you did everything correctly and beautifully, correct the details.

Now a jigsaw or jigsaw comes to the rescue, with the help of which the figure is cut out.

Installation of a plywood horse takes place on several bars dug into the ground, or is attached to two adjacent trees by ropes, wire.

Naturally, among us there are those people who will not stop only at the arts. Painting, burning, decorative painting and other talents will help to more seriously decorate our figure and breathe life into it.

Supplements to wooden horses in the garden

A wooden horse in the country looks very nice, but sometimes very lonely. Therefore, you can always complement her figure with some accessories. For example, it can be a carriage or a wagon, flat or three-dimensional, depending on the type of figure. Also, you can always put near the animal a wooden bucket with flowers, made in the same style, a trough with hay, and other additional decor. But it’s even more interesting to make several figures at once in order to create a cheerful company with a nice decor.

Decorative wooden sculptures in the garden

Garden figures are very interesting, and to create them with your own hands is not only entertaining, but also useful, because each object of the embodiment of your skill is not only a small masterpiece, but also an excellent decoration of the landscape of the country house.

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